"Reaching Out To Families & Communities...So God Can Dive In"

*All  Initiatives are designed  to enhance  economic mobility and community development  at The Highest Levels...


The A.R.K (Acts Of Real Kindness) Community Initiative is designed to build bridges between the community, schools and youth Christian development that supports and enhances students K-8 in academic achievement  and literacy. The A.R.K also provides a safe place for empowerment in areas of emotional and spiritual growth for students students.  


Some of the ways that we express the mission of the A.R.K Community Learning Initiative and Acts Of Real kindness  is through collaboration with local schools, local YMCA and other city afterschool programs. We provide books, tutors and mentors for students k-8.  We also will conduct summer academic enrichment and athletic camps, A.R.K Family nights and other events that incorporate core learning and other valuable skills to the students.

Ark Community Learning Initiative

Positive Mind Body & Spirit is a City Dive community initiative designed to enhance mental emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being in the lives of community individuals and families  in a Positive, life-changing way.  Our mission is expressed through biblical based life changing tools which include nutritionist, exercise & mental health professionals,  community faith leaders and round table family discussions.


PMBS's design and desire is to spotlight and enhance the importance of  Positive Attitude , Healthy Lifestyle through exercise & nutrition and most importantly through focused bible study and discipleship training sessions, to strengthen each participant spiritually to the fullest. 


PMBS's ultimate goal is to support and encourage each individual to open their Heart, Mind and Eyes in effort to seeing where God is working around them and join him in his work. A work that enables each to become a reflection of him in their communities... in turn impact change in the lives of others and in their communities for generations to come.

PMBS  meets via conference call or at Keith Family YMCA each  Wednesday at 11am.


For more information on Positive Mind Body & Spirit contact Jimmy Scott  at :

     "BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF  POSSIBLE "                                                          




City Dive Vocational Training and Education Collaboration  provides economically disadvantaged and non-traditional students with resources and tools necessary to acquire job skills training, career path development, retain steady employment and acquire valuable life skills.  


Our desire is to offer such programs as Computer Training, Career Readiness, Vocational Job Training, Placement Assistance and Life Skills Development to all applicants. Vtech also will offer career paths in entertainment production and event planning. 


Collaboration with several of our community partners further enable us to offer extended career tracks for participants through mulitple streams.

Applicates upon completion will gain necessary tools to successfully enter today's workforce and live a well-balanced life.


Young Leaders & Positive Role Models is a City Dive initiative is a youth mentorship and leadership program designed to build, develop and encourage young community leaders and role models  ages 13-21.  


The initiative  puts emphasis on education, community involvement, career tracks, decision making, roads to success and Christian principles through round table discussion  with various community professions and their peers.

The goal is to build a solid Christian foundation for future community leaders and contribute to the overall success in every aspect of their young lives that will overflow into the lives of other young people in the community .



The Feast Of Freedom is a City Dive Inc. community initiative that serves and blesses hundreds of community families in-need. 


Some of the blessings that are provided to families are : boxes of food (including dairy & produce) clothing (coats, pants & tops, hats, socks, gloves, scarves, boots and shoes for the entire family) books for kids, health screening and family prayer.


City Dive will conduct  three Feast Of Freedom events throughout each calendar year in various communities in the city.                       

                                    The 2022 dates are as follows:

                      April 30th , August 27th & November 19th...

                                    *Locations to be announced...

The Feast Of Freedom is a collaboration of various City Dive partners and the community. This is a FREE event to all.

City Dive Presents The Feast Of Freedom 11.20.21.png
City Dive Presents The Feast Of Freedom 11.20.21.png
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