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An out-of-school supplemental education opportunity

Upward Mobility ​thru
Economic Em


  • Workforce Development

  • Team Integrity Character Development

  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Financial Literacy

The Partnership

B-Unbound assists in the building of multigenerational networks of support
around shared workforce development interests for both youth and adults.

The Process

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Vocational Training & Education Collaborative that connects Navigators with Supportive Adults through REAL WORLD LEARNING/EXPERIENCES.

Who is City Dive V.T.E.C.

  • Navigators: Youth & Youth Adults (14-24yrs.)

  • Co-Navigators: City Dive V.T.E.C. Staff

  • Supportive Adults: Mentors/Connectors

  • Navigator Community: Families, Peers, Businesses, Local Community, Partners

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The Pathway


Fuel Hope to Assist with Upward Mobility


Help Navigators & Families Identify a Pathway to Move Forward (College/Career)


Help Navigators Take Their Lead
in the Navigation of Their Journey


Allow Navigators to Dream with Their Eyes Open


Prepare Navigators to Contend with the Gatekeepers of Social Mobility

We Believe City Dive V.T.E.C. Will...

Serve as a BRIDGE to guide Navigators to Workforce Readiness.

Nurture relationships by allowing Navigators/families to feel and experience a sense of BELONGING by contributing to their success. 

Ignite & Fuel HOPE to assist with Upward Mobility (college/career).

Cultivate true and authentic partnerships that will result in a long-lasting beneficial CONNECTION.

Allow Navigators to experience professionals who culturally reflect themselves and are SUCCESSFUL.

Allow Navigators to VISUALIZE and BELIEVE their goals are ATTAINABLE. 





V.T.E.C. Sign Up!

Welcome future Navigators & Supportive Adults! Please fill out our form below.
If you are under the age of 18, please enter your parent/guardian contact information.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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